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We give organizations and people a way to invest for the future.

What we offer

Our approach to finding smart and creative solutions is designed to be simple and intuitive. Sumday’s innovative digital interface includes user-friendly features such as personalized gifting pages, a linked prepaid card that is built with ABLE plan participants in mind, goal-setting tools and more.

We bring together the complex suite of capabilities that enables seamless delivery for you and plan participants. Unique to the industry, our end-to-end solution is completely owned and operated by BNY Mellon and its subsidiaries.

BNY Mellon meets the industry’s highest standards of capital oversight and is a proven partner to government clients. Sumday acts as plan manager for several 529 plans in states such as Oregon, Washington, Maryland and Florida.

About Sumday

We understand and adapt to the needs of states as they help individuals save for college and disability-related expenses. Through Sumday, BNY Mellon helps states administer and grow their 529 college savings, 529A ABLE and other public-sponsored savings plans. It delivers an end-to-end solution for individual end-users, investment advisors, and plan sponsors.

Plans we support

Oregon ABLE Savings Plan

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ABLE for ALL Savings Plan

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Maryland ABLE program

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Washington ABLE

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Oregon College

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ABLE United

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Alabama ABLE

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How does it work?

We help our clients by designing simple and smart solutions for saving and investing. We provide a full suite of products and services, integrated with our leading technology. Our focus on the user experience coupled with our nimble environment enable us to offer a level of customization, that we think is unique.

Everything can be managed online to give people more ways to contribute, withdraw, and invest for the future.

Who is BNY Mellon?

Started by Alexander Hamilton in 1784, BNY Mellon is one of the longest-lasting financial institutions in the world. We have endured, been innovative and went on to prosper through every economic event and market move over the past 230 years.

Can my organization partner with Sumday?

Gladly. We’re always looking for new organizations to work with and to grow our circle of friends.

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